Wednesday, 7 September 2011

There's A Lion In My Bathroom by Giles Paley-Phillips

Review by The Mole

Poetry is, for me, a funny thing, I know what I like and it has to be entertaining. This book is a collection of Giles's nonsense poems and although they seem to talk to the younger reader there are also plenty in there to appeal to adults too. To describe them as 'nonsense' is not absolutely correct. For example apart from 'why would a lion be using the shower?' the poem makes a of joke of the dilemma this creates in a humorous way. As for other examples... best to read the book perhaps?

There are regular black and white pictures throughout that are well drawn by Matt Dawson and they enjoy a quality of cuteness making the collection of poems that much more enjoyable.

I really did enjoy this collection - those suited to the younger reader as well as those for the more mature reader.

It is also worth noting that a donation from the profits on this book will go to Leukaemia research.

Publisher - Rebel Books Publishing
Genre - Nonsense Poetry - all ages

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