Friday, 16 September 2011

Top Place Percy by Peter Bently and Daniel Howarth

We are all special
Review by The Mole

Percy is going to the fair and sees some of his friends on the way. He sees that is each one is special in their own way, fast, brightly coloured or fun shapes. Gradually he gets sad because he has no such special gift. At the talent show all his friends wins prizes and Percy feels very left out. After the talent show Percy finds out how everyone is special somehow.

Written as an educational book Top Place Percy sets out to show that everyone has value and is special and it does this with a very accessible story that is combined with easily readable, but fun, fonts and glorious colourful cartoon style pictures. This book is bound to be fun for pre-readers or early readers and is supported by teacher's and parent's notes in the back to help get the most from the story.

But, putting educational aspects to one side, any child will enjoy this book and take on it's message by osmosis.

Publisher: QED Publishing
Genre: Pre-School/Early Reader Educational

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