Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Eating In by Sue Lawrence

Get Cooking!
review by Maryom

The EdBookFest follow up may be over but we're staying with the Scottish theme just a little while longer with the latest cookery book from popular food writer and previous Masterchef winner Sue Lawrence.

As you can tell from its title it's all about eating in - but not just pulling something out of the freezer and reheating! It's full of (fairly) simple but impressive looking recipes. There's over 100 to choose from- with something for almost every occasion from Anniversary dinner for 2 to feeding the team or having the neighbourhood round for drinks - and all with a Scottish twist.
I found lots of my old favourites in there - such as shortbread and Scottish tablet ( if you're not familiar, it's a sort of superior fudge not readily available outside of Scotland and I've been longing to know how it's made for a long while) - and lots of interesting new twists - serving haggis with nachos or creating a Cullen Skink pie. And if you're not familiar with Cullen Skink.. or Parten Bree .. or Stornoway Black Pudding, there are interesting little snippets of information and history to introduce you to these, and other, traditional Scottish foods.

There are lots of recipes I would like to try but first on the list has to be Crunchie Puds - basically smashed up crunchies in cream - that has to be a 'no skills required' recipe if ever there was one.

At a personal level I would have found it helpful to have had nutritional information included. Whether from life style choice or medical necessity, most people are interested in the fat, calorie, protein composition of a meal and the information would have been really useful.

Maryom's review - 4.5 stars
Publisher - HachetteScotland
Genre -
Adult, Non-Fiction,Cookery

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