Monday, 24 October 2011

Green Janine Turns Detective by Brian Tyrer

Fun Easy Reader Adventure
Review by Maryom

Janine is a different sort of girl - for one thing she's green! In this adventure she is on the trail of amateur burglars, Bob and Bill. With help from the family pet turned sniffer dog and a little magic from her friend Mr Mephista can she find the stolen tiara and return it to the Duchess? I rather suspect she will!

Green Janine Turns Detective is an excellent, quirky adventure which had me laughing out loud. It's not aimed at the absolute beginner but for the slightly more advanced readers - though parents could share it with younger ones. There are black and white cartoon style illustrations by John Bigwood throughout, avoiding the daunting full page of text that can be so off-putting to young readers and at less than 60 pages, split over 4 chapters, it's not a lengthy read.
At the back you'll find various story-related puzzles and activity sheets to be downloaded from the publishers website - aimed at making learning to read fun!

A good first step away from school readers.

Publisher - Seven Arches
Genre -
childrens, early reader

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