Friday, 29 June 2012

Tamara Small and the Monsters' Ball by Giles Paley-Phillips

A Shadow In The Dark?

Review by The Mole

When Tamara can't get to sleep the monsters come and get her. They take here away to the Annual Monsters' Ball where they dance the night away.

Once again Maverick have come up with the goods in the form of a bright and cheerful picture book emblazoned with lots of bright colours and monsters that you could fall in love with.

The story to go with it is easy to read and humorous to entertain the youngest of readers or adults as they share the reading while also being in simple rhyme that has a rhythm that children will enjoy immensely. Perhaps a story to read when the shadows seem to threaten and they need to be explained?

Publisher - Maverick Books 
Genre - Children's Early Reader, Picture book

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  1. Awww, this sounds like so much fun and with an adorable monster on the cover you can't go wrong :)