Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Vampire of Highgate By Asa Bailey

Modern Day Legends
Review by The Mole

Kathy is a college student living with her adopted parents when she starts having dreams of her sister, Amber, and feels a compulsion to go and find the sister she has never known. It's a journey of discovery in which her family try to protect and help her - by hiding from her what she needs to know to protect herself.

The story is built around a modern(ish) legend of vampires at Highgate cemetery and placing Vampires pretty firmly as the bad guys -  where I like to see them. The plot leaves us looking over her shoulder and saying to her... "But that's not right - and you should know!" but we are also left in the dark as to why she doesn't... until almost the last minute that is.

A very enjoyable read that will still, I'm sure, appeal to readers who like their vampires as the good guys although here they are very undoubtedly bad. Kathy is a character that you will grow to love quite quickly perhaps because she is abused by both friends and family although we don't really get to know any other of the characters - which is just as well as, being a vampire book, they disappear at a rate of knots!

The readers who will like this are a well established group but if you do like the vampires bad then you will enjoy it too.

Publisher - Hodder Children's
Genre - Teen Fiction, Vampires

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