Monday, 5 November 2012

Kate Mosse - Author event

Picture courtesy of
Pam Reader
of Broadway Book Club
By The Mole

On Tuesday 30th October 2012 we once again travelled to Nottingham to Waterstones to an author event. This time it was to see Kate Mosse talking about the last book in her Languedoc trilogy, Citadel.

As the store has recently been refurbished it was decided to change the venue from the Silitoe Room, on the fourth floor, to the adult fiction section on the ground floor. Being surrounded by books worked well and the atmosphere was very relaxed and informal although Kate's seat could have been a little higher.

Kate started by giving us a brief introduction to the relevant history of the Languedoc region that was pertinent to the three stories and gave an explanation of why she chose to set each of the stories in the era that she set them in. The latest story is set at the time of second world war and shadows a time from the fourth century.

The first book in the series, Labyrinth, was one of the biggest selling books of 2006 and is now being made into a film, something that Kate was working with and even has a cameo role in so she was very excited about it.

We were then treated to a short reading from Citadel before a question and answer session, although the question and answer session more like a fireside chat.

A book signing followed  with more informal chatting. Another great evenings entertainment doing the things we love to do!

Visit Kate Mosse's website to learn more

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