Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Coconuts and Wonderbras by Lynda Renham

Review by The Mole

Libby is a literary agent - a good one - and  plans to get her boyfriend, Toby, to marry her. She is given a new client - an author she dislikes but is ex-SAS and is a bit of a hunk. Worse than that she has to go to Cambodia for a book fair - with him. Things don't go as planned... Well they wouldn't would they? Chases, fights, kidnappings and other happenings ensue and these are made worse when her family, best friend, boyfriend and boss fly out to help get her home safely.

Chicklit needs romance and comedy, and Renham has poured in more than enough of both. At one point Libby compares herself to Lara Croft and OK.. a little bit but what struck me was Bridget Jones meets Romancing The Stone and Sleepless in Seattle but with more comedy and probably more romance than any of them thrown in. The cover looks like a quiet, tranquil romance - IT'S NOT. This is most definitely an action adventure, fast moving but funny while romantic as well.

The characters are very polarised - you either love them or hate them and Renham has you loving the right ones and wanting to take the others to task.

A thoroughly enjoyable comedy that I would recommend to anyone wanting a 'lighter' read. Chicklit doesn't come any better. But this one MAY leave you wanting cake. (Read it to find out why.)

Publisher - Raucous Publishing

Genre - Adult, Chicklit, Action Adventure

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