Monday, 9 December 2013

Because It Is My Blood by Gabrielle Zevin

Chocolate - NOT Vampires
Review by The Mole

The cover of this book heralds itself as from the bestselling author of Elsewhere and not as book 2 of her Birthright Trilogy which is a shame because book one is certainly the place to start. It's like coming in to the second half of a really good film - you enjoy it immensely but now the first half is spoiled for you.

I want to limit the amount I say about this book so as not to spoil anything for possible readers.

My immediate conclusion upon seeing the book is "vampires". And it wasn't just me- "Sooner you than me" was Maryom's reaction, again believing it to be vampires. But if you want vampires you will be disappointed (although there is blood!) If you don't want vampires and you don't pick it up you will also be disappointed because it's a very enjoyable read. Although it's aimed at the 11+ market this is easily of appeal to most of the YA market too (and we know how old that market stops at! Don't we?)

The plot for the trilogy has parallels in the American prohibition era. Anya is the daughter of the ex-head of a large chocolate company at a time when chocolate is an illegal substance (as is coffee and other products of that type). Following the death of her father (her mother is also dead) she is nominally the head of the company but still at high school. With internecine fighting, dealers, law enforcement agencies, murders, mutilations, poisonings and much more this story has a lot for everyone and is written in a style where the reader is pulled along, determined to read even though at times the plot is only scene setting - a very well written story!

But PLEASE start at book one (All These Things I've Done) - I didn't and now know too much of what's happened to go back and enjoy it!

Publisher - Macmillan Children's Books
Genre - 11+, crime, action adventure

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