Monday, 2 December 2013

Blood & Fire (Gladiator School Book 2) by Dan Scott

Review by the Mole

Lucius is sent to Pompeii with a contingent from the gladiator school to compete in games being held there by Valens, a local highly respected citizen. But it's just a few short days before Pompeii's final destruction and they are to be there for a week - ignorant of what we now know to be the fate of the city. Lucius believes Valens knows more of his father and can help him find him so when he is offered a short attachment to Valens household he leaps at the chance. But is Valens all he appears? What is Vesuvius doing with all the rumbling and smoke? Can he survive Vesuvius and find more about his father? And what of Quin - in the arena with opponents that he knows nothing of - can he survive?

Blood and Fire picks up exactly where Blood Oath left off and the story continues with all the attention to compelling detail that won it so many fans. Action adventure, Romans, Gladiators and so much more, brought to life for readers of 9+ in a series that captivates readers both young and old.

At times I found myself forgetting that this book is aimed at the 9+ reader as the story urged me along. That's not to say the writing style is not suitable for younger readers - it is VERY suitable but Scott doesn't patronise his young audience he writes for them as young people and not children.

There are times - in the arena - when Scott could really lay on the blood and gore but he doesn't... he tactfully has Lucius revolted and turn away or close his eyes and this really enhances the story.

I enjoyed Blood Oath and I enjoyed this book even more. But while this book starts with a 'story so far' I recommend readers do what I did - read Blood Oath first.

Publisher - Scribo Books
Genre - Children's (9+) historical fiction

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