Friday, 29 November 2013

The Street Finds Its Own Uses for Mutant Technologies by Ira Nayman

Review by The Mole

In this collection of news articles from alternate realities around  the multiverse we encounter not only more of the weird realities but even stranger people and politics.

Nayman once again reflects on people and events slightly outside of normal reality and injects humour into everything. His brand of humour - Pythonesque, Feldmanish, Milligan-like - his work has a wide appeal to those who would contemplate "what if the universe... ?". And it's very easy to see parallels back into our own universe and how silly people really are without anyone actually adding humour on their behalf.

I have to admit to being a fan of this brand of humour which we encountered constantly years ago but still has a big following today although it is far less prominent than it was.

Take a look and raise a smile today (Amazon has a 'look inside' option) and do yourself a favour.

Publisher - Aardvarks Eyes Press
Genre - Adult Humour, Sci Fi

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