Tuesday, 28 October 2014

One World Together with Catherine and Laurence Anholt

Review by The Mole

I want a friend but who to choose... We travel from one country to another, meeting a child from each and getting a brief glance at their life before finally coming to the conclusion that they would all make excellent friends.

A book advocating peace and harmony with people from across the globe - and we can't have too many such books!

There is also a "big fold-out surprise" for the young reader at the back of the book.

Beautifully illustrated, this book does try to show how different life is for children in different parts of the globe but also how there life can be fun despite those differences.

A lovely and informative book that while it shows a small sample of one child per country and only a small number of countries it underlines that children from all over the world can find common ground and be friends.

Publisher - Frances Lincoln
Genre -children's picture book

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