Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Snowblind by Christopher Golden

 review by Maryom

Coventry, Massachusetts is in the grip of an exceptionally bad winter. Snow is lying all around and another storm is about to hit.....But with this storm comes more than mere snow. Within it lurk shadowy, icy forms that lure people from the safety of their homes...
Twelve years later, and the inhabitants of Coventry are still mourning those who went missing that dreadful night....and another huge snow storm is on the way. What will it bring this time?

Snowblind is a chilling, spine-tingling read - all the things you expect from a supernatural thriller. A lot of ghost stories leave me un-moved, but this managed to get under my skin, in a creepy, keep checking over my shoulder, way.

It starts rather slowly - there's a lot of setting the scene, introducing quite a large cast of main characters and letting the reader into their lives - but once it gets going and really on to the freaky storm sections, the pace and the chills pick up. It's definitely a book to read by the fire, with the lights on and the curtains drawn. Setting the events at the time of a massive snowstorm ups the chill factor  - I read this during the last week of sunny weather and was surprised at times to look up and not see snow falling!

There's a lot in there to appeal to lovers of French TV programme The Returned - something to read while they're waiting for next series maybe? 

Maryom's review -  4 stars
Publisher -Headline
Genre - thriller, adult fiction

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