Monday, 11 April 2016

The King's Shadow by Philip Womack

Review by The Mole

The second book in The Darkening Path trilogy follows on from The Broken King to continue the story of Simon's and Flora's efforts to retrieve their siblings.

It feels like it presumes the reader is still very familiar with the story so far so you would benefit from reminding yourself what's happened or, if you haven't read it, reading book 1 first - it's well worth it.  The tale picks up from where it was left and continues apace with new and gruesome new monsters on almost every page. And who to trust?

As they try to find their brother and sister they find out that they've been used from the very beginning by the people they thought were their friends and that they are puppets playing out someone else's wishes. But things don't go the way that had been planned for them...

An excellent second episode of this fast paced fantasy for the younger reader that will leave you on a cliff hanger ending. And while I am a little slow to getting around to reading this one (sorry, guys) the good news is that if you read this now you won't have long to wait for the third and final part of the adventure - The King's Revenge is out on 28th May and I'm sure it will round off a truly magnificent journey for the younger dark fantasy readers.

Described as suitable for 11+ I'm sure this series does, and will, appeal to many younger and capable readers as well.

Publisher - Troika Books
Genre - Children's fantasy, 11+

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