Friday, 11 February 2011

The Tygrine Cat by Inbali Iserles

A Cat with a Difference
review by Maryom

Mati the Cat is sent away from his home, overseas by ship to a strange land where he finds a new home with the cats of Cressida Lock, until an unseen presence starts to cause trouble and lay the blame on Mati. Mati, though, is not an ordinary cat. He is the last of the Tygrine cats - and someone is following him, sent by the Tygrines' ancient enemy, the Sa Mau, threatening him in both the physical world and the shadowy, spirit world. Mati must win back the trust of the Cressida Cats to defeat this evil and save not only himself but all other cats.

The Tygrine Cat is a wonderful engaging adventure story, told from the perspective of the cats, but without any sloppy sentimentality. Alongside Mati, we enter into their world, the catacombs and market place of Cressida lock. Humans barely figure there - other cats may own a 'hind', as humans are called, but the Cressida cats are fiercely independent, led by their chief, Pangur, with their own society and strict rules of conduct amongst themselves.
Although aimed at children, anyone who loves cats will love this book. I thought it was absolutely brilliant and can't wait to read the sequel The Tygrine Cat On The Run - out today, 3rd January

Maryom's review - 5 stars
Publisher -
Walker books
Genre -
childrens' adventure. 9+

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