Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Cats by The Mole

The competition we are running For Inbali Iserles's book - The Tygrine Cat has caused me a little melancholia as I have been remembering Puddin - a stray who came to stay - had a road accident that broke the bank thereby losing about 8 of his lives and then, just before Christmas 2009 he died thereby breaking our hearts.

He was almost feral when he came to stay and wouldn't stop biting. He wasn't refined like so many cats can be and he certainly lacked the skill and subtlety of MacCavity whose reputation as The Hidden Paw reflected his skill.

He lacked the appeal of ZaZa from Hector's House but was a little mischievous at times like Tom Kitten.

People saw his lack of tail and assumed he was a special breed like Varjak Paw the Mesopotamian Blue by the author S.F.Said - they were wrong he was a heinz cat who had lost his tail. Unlike The Cate Who Lost His Purr by Michele Coxon who found his purr again when his people (or staff as he probably saw them) returned home Puddin would not see his tail again as the vet took it! He could however purr for Britain. Despite his lack of tail he would fight - anything - but lacked the skill of Varjak Paw or the children in Cat Kin in Nick Green's book who acquire the skills of cats as they learn a martial art.

Puddin was not the first cat we owned but was the only one our youngest daughter knew and he died at the age of 13 - a mere youngster by comparison to Inbali's Wilma who lived to 22. Perhaps he may have been a Time Travelling Cat like the one Julia Jarman wrote about but it would seem a lot of effort for Pud.

He did have his own blog though, the wonders of modern technology, something Te Bubas "The First Cat" would not have enjoyed.

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