Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Empire of Gold by Andy McDermott

Action-packed Archaeology
review by Maryom

When archaeologist Nina Wilde is called in to help with an Interpol investigation into the smuggling of ancient artefacts, she realises the trail could be leading to an undiscovered Inca settlement, possibly the legendary El Dorado, city of gold. Along with her ex-SAS husband Eddie Chase and a team of archaeologists and Interpol agents she heads to South America - only to find herself caught up in a military coup and hunted down by ruthless drug dealers and insurgents.
I've come late to this series as this is the seventh adventure for Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase, and I think I've been missing out. It's certainly not Time Team's brand of archaeology - much more Lara Croft meets Indiana Jones. There's a fabulous golden treasure, a city hidden from everyone's eyes since the days of the Spanish Conquistadors and at every turn bad guys standing in the way! Almost non-stop action with only occasional pauses to catch your breath - the kind of undemanding adventure I like for holiday reading, though at over 500 pages a Kindle version may be better for holiday packing!

Maryom's review - 4 stars
Publisher -
Genre - action adventure

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  1. great book.
    not too far into it at the moment but i am absolutely enthralled by its depictive language and sheer brilliance.

  2. Empire Of Gold is a superb book to the ever growing Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase series. It's a real ripping novel. Well written, alot of action scenes and climatic cliffhangers. A must read for anyone who loves the previous books in the series.

    I would say this the BEST book Andy Mcdermott has wriiten.

    Great read!