Monday, 21 February 2011

Belle's Song by K M Grant

A new Canterbury Tale
Review by Maryom

Belle feels she is to blame for an accident which crippled her father and decides to join a group of pilgrims heading to the shrine of St Thomas at Canterbury, to pray there for a miracle to enable her father to walk again. Among these pilgrims is the famous story teller Geoffrey Chaucer, accompanied by his new scribe, Luke, who after visiting Canterbury intends continuing to France to join a monastery there - and another of the pilgrims believes Luke and Chaucer to be involved in carrying messages from the young King Richard II to his French counterpart. On the journey, Belle finds herself tangled in this intrigue and caught between attraction to Luke and Walter the wealthy son of a knight with a troubling secret of his own.
Belle's Song is set against the familiar background of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - but don't expect a hard English lesson slog, it is an excellent blend of romance and intrigue with a rapidly moving plot, lots of historical details and believable 'modern-feeling' characters to identify with. Recommended for teenage lovers of historical fiction.

Maryom's review - 5 stars
Publisher - Quercus Books

Genre - Teenage Historical Romance

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