Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Second Book Competition

The Tygrine Cat by Inbali Iserles

With the publication of "The Tygrine Cat On the Run" it is time to start our second competition. We are, once again, very excited to be running a competition about an author's work that we have really enjoyed (I suppose it's the only kind of competition to run). Please 'share' this competition with your friends and relatives!

This time we are making it a bit harder for people. You will find a few questions in a moment that you need to be able to answer and then  DM from Twitter or leave a comment on the blog and send your answers via email (see our 'contact' button above)! Or you could PM from Facebook. It is that simple. Well let's point out now that the competition is open to UK residents only and followers of our blog, followers on Twitter or Facebook 'friends' but why not go for broke and do all three?? The competition will close Sunday 13th February when the winner will be chosen. 

The prize is a personalised copy of The Tygrine Cat by Inbali Iserles. The story is best summed up by reading Maryom's reviews of The Tygrine Cat and The Tygrine Cat On the Run. Once you have read these reviews you will be better able to answer one or more of the questions.

(1) Complete this phrase: “Macavity’s a mystery cat, he’s called the Hidden _____”

(2) How is Te Bubas otherwise known?

(3) Which author writes The Time-Travelling Cat series?

(4) What breed of cat is Varjak Paw?

(5) In a sentence, tell us what makes cats so special


  1. Have entered via email - hope I win!

  2. Best of luck Vivian! The competition closes today so we'll soon know.