Friday, 15 April 2011

Remote Control by E M Higgins

Never judge a book by it's cover.
Review by The Mole

During the cold war the two great super powers used any means possible to try to spy on the activities of each other. One such exercise tried was ESP (extra sensory perception), the ability to see what others are thinking. David Morehouse wrote a book on this subject and when Ms Higgins read it she was inspired to write a novel about how it could be used and abused. Whether or not I believe any part of "remote viewing" is unimportant, but I do believe that "Remote Control" is a good and thought provoking book. Whether you believe in it or not just try suspending disbelief while you read the book and reflect on what could, and may well, happen if it actually came to be viable.

When I showed the cover to my 13 year old and asked her what she thought the book would be about she replied that it was a BT advert. Neither the title nor the cover 'get hold' of me and ask me to read it and that is a shame because it is very well worth reading. The book is published by Olympia, about whom there is a lot of talk on the web concerning the type of publisher they are, and I feel the book lacks a small amount of editorial polish that other publishers would have been able to add. But don't let these minor points put you off - this is a book that will provoke tension, give you many things to think about and leave you wondering "What if?". I will try to avoid clich├ęs but it is compelling and a bit of a roller coaster anyway.

Lynn is a nurse and someone is out to kill her. Or so she believes - is it real or just paranoia? We are taken on a journey of fear, loyalty, love and callous murders before the end of the book.

Publisher: Olympia Publishers
Genre: Science Fiction Thriller

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  1. I'd like to translate this book into Romanian.

    1. Don't overlook her second book "The Blue Files" which *I* think is even better!