Thursday, 23 February 2012

Edwin Spencer: Mission Improbable by J D Irwin

No ordinary science lesson
Review by The Mole

Edwin Spencer is an ordinary boy (and that makes a bit of a change before we start!) with three academically excelling sisters while he plods along, like boys do, doing the minimum at school. Then in a science lesson a vortex appears and a voice commands him to enter it. Edwin hasn't lost control of his mind and like all sensible people keeps well clear. But the vortex is out to get him and one day, while hiding in a cupboard, he gets dragged off to a strange adventure.

I made a mistake with this book and tried to out guess the author but it's not a book like that. The story twists and turns and the reader knows all the information as it's given and can try to guess who the bad guys are. It didn't help, I still got it wrong!

Well plotted, engaging and fast moving this story is bound delight the 9+ readers, both boys and girls. The story is shared with a heroine in the form of Perpetua, an academically excelling student in Edwin's form who also happens to be 'concerned' (nosey?) about Edwin and so gets caught in the vortex.

This story is bound to delight young readers and another adventure follows in Edwin Spencer: Shadow Magic.

Publisher - Catnip Publishing
Genre - Children's 8+ fantasy fiction

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