Friday, 24 February 2012

World Book Day - 1st March 2012

It's soon to be World Book Day again! 

When our youngest was at primary school this was an exciting day with events about books focussed around it. Still, today, children are given a £1 book token and a range of £1 books is available at many retailers for them to pick from or they can use it as a discount on a more expensive book.

OK but why WORLD Book Day? It focuses on the classroom and the bookshops so why the word 'WORLD'.

There are others involved too that are taking this international for extremely good causes. What is a book? A book is an entertainment. It's a learning tool - if only learning to read. Learning to read paves the way for improvement in life and, potentially, a way out of poverty. So based on starting young, Book Aid International work at this time to "support literacy, education and development in sub-Saharan Africa". And at this time schools can help them in their work by some fun fund raising ideas that they have on their website or maybe you can come up with ideas of your own. Have a read of their site, have a word with the school and see if we can't all help them in this work.

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