Monday, 27 February 2012

May Contain Traces of Magic by Tom Holt

A comfy pair of slippers
Review by The Mole

Chris and Karen moved in together a number of years ago and their life is getting very routine. Chris sells magic items for JWW Retail and is stuck in a rut. His sat nav offers advice on how to break out of the rut but then he is given a trainee, Angela to take around with him. And then... well stuff happens. Demons try to kill him - or do they? And time goes wonkey. And he falls down a toilet or two. Well it's Tom Holt isn't it? And Tom Holt doesn't do this stuff without throwing in lots of humour.

I first 'met' Tom Holt when Karen, a nurse on Cardiac Care, asked me what I was reading - it was a Pratchett and so she suggested Tom Holt and brought in Ye Gods! I only had the book for a few hours before being moved to Cardiology but as soon as I was released into the care of the  community, I contacted Amazon and bought my own copy to finish it and since then I have read quite a few.

Before I started blogging about books I pretty well only read Pratchett/Holt/Robert Rankin books but since then I have read so many new authors of so many genres and I have enjoyed so many (I stand by every review I have done).

This book was a birthday present and has been sitting on the TBR pile for more than a year and as I awaited the postman I decided this one was next. Well, we all have shoes for different occasions; hiking, running, shopping dancing, gardening etc and when we have completed those activities and get home at the end of the day - worn out and happy with our feet, we slip our slippers on and our feet say 'Thanks,that was fun and those shoes were good but this is what life is all about - let's chill'. That is what picking this book up was like, a comfy pair of slippers at the end of the day.

Thoroughly enjoyed what I found to be the best Holt yet. And that's why I don't allocate star ratings to books any more, because when you've given the maximum then you can't give any more.

Fantastic fun read - EXCELLENT!

Publisher - Orbit Books
Genre - Adult Fiction, Humour, Fantasy

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