Friday, 17 February 2012

Unclean Spirits by M L N Hanover

Normal Paranormal?
Review by The Mole

Jayné Heller has inherited her uncle's estate but what does that estate entail? Jayné has absolutely no idea but when the door explodes open and she is attacked by trained killers she didn't expect that to be part of her legacy! Not only has she inherited phenomenal strength she has also inherited phenomenal enemies.

ADMISSION... This is the first 'paranormal' book that I have read but from what I have heard this one is not from the normal mould. Yes the enemy are various forms of demons, vampires, werewolves and other rather nasty stuff, but the story puts them all on the side of the bad guys and the good guys are normal humans trying to rid the world of the bad guys. But the armoury of the good guys is not without magic of various types.

'Urban fantasy' the cover says and yes, I suppose it is but I feel that first and foremost it's an action adventure... a well written and well delivered action adventure at that. I loved nearly every character in this book - the good guys side I mean - with the exception of Midian. But I don't think we are supposed to like Midian. I hope.

I suppose it's one of the difficulties of putting every book into one of the recognised 'genre's - there will always be those that fit into several. First and foremost this book is about a 24+ year old. Her antics do stray to adult material - although there is no romance in this story at all!

A really great read as an action adventure that left me hungry for more stories of Jayné Heller's adventures. It's not a spoiler to say she survives this story as it's the first of a trilogy.

Publisher - Orbit Books
Genre - Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Action Adventure

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