Friday, 3 February 2012

Grolion of Almery by Matthew Hughes (Short Story)

The Strength Of An Anthology
Review by The Mole

Songs of the Dying Earth (Pt 2)

This anthology is a celebration of Jack Vance's first novel "The Dying Earth" and as such each is set on the same world with the same magics and customs but with entirely different imaginations telling the stories. Writers such as Robert Silverberg, Tanith Lee and Neil Gaiman contributed their tellings in honour of the creator of the Dying Earth.

This, the second story from the anthology, is a complete mood change from the first and is none the worse for it.

Grolion is being pursued and is offered shelter after knocking on a door at random. But Grolion doesn't appear to be who and what he says he is. But The Resident doesn't appear to be either. And who's the narrator of this tale? Both humorous and adventurous this story will entertain on the train and set your mind jumping for a day or two in the spirit of all good short stories. And it's nice to turn the page and start the next story wondering what the mood will be.

The stories in this anthology are well worth a read. They won't all be to everyone's taste but there will be something there for most people.

Publisher - Voyager
Genre -
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Short Story

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