Friday, 2 March 2012

The Chamber by Howard Gordon

I've yet to come down
Review by The Mole

Gideon Davis is approached by a total stranger and drug addict trying to sell information on a terrorist attack on American soil. He passes this information on but Secret Service agents who dislike Gideon refuse to listen so Gideon involves his brother and they set about gaining proof.

The first chapter of this book didn't really hold me but I persisted and very quickly the pace picked up. We've all had books that we didn't want to put down, couldn't wait to pick up and didn't want them to finish haven't we?  Well if you haven't then get your hands on a copy of The Chamber. It was tremendous once we got past the first chapter, but I suspect that readers of The Obelisk would not have the same issue because they would know, and be expecting, Gordon and his brother Tillman springing into action.

Was it brilliantly plotted, of literary quality and every character brilliantly portrayed? Possibly not, I didn't stop to check. What it is is Boy's Own adventure for grown-ups and it's brilliantly done. It is filled with a plethora of technical jargon surrounding weapons - but so what? It shows the characters know their stuff and Boy's Own stuff is about Superhero Experts showing their brilliance.

And like those books you don't want to come to an end,  I knew I would enjoy the next book from the pile but didn't want to start it because I was still on a high.

Highly recommended to grown ups of all kinds.

Publisher - Simon & Schuster
Genre - Adults Adventure Thriller

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