Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Waste Of Good Paper by Sean Taylor

Certainly Not!
Review by The Mole

Jason has been excluded from mainstream education and goes to Heronford school now. Heronford is for children with emotional and behavioural problems. As children improve they are gradually returned to mainstream education and Jason is the only one in his class without a mainstream school. Pete, one of the teachers, gives him a book in which he is to write anything he wants to and there is only Jason that will read it - Jason thinks it's a waste of good paper.

Someone asked me if something happens... but you know? Not really but yes everything. It's difficult to say but I felt like I really knew Jason and we get to understand why he has the problems he has. Pete is a very hands on sort of guy and uses physical contact to reward good behaviour... sort of a High Five but nothing like and you can believe and really feel that the kids react to his methods.

This book is so much NOT a waste of good paper and I would love to tell you why but that would involve spoilers.

If I say that I enjoyed this book then I am guilty of understatement but why I found it so good I cannot really explain - it just is. Jason is a really nice kid that has needs and the people to fulfil those needs can't see it because they have issues of their own.

Please take it from me that this is one helluva book.

Publisher - Frances Lincoln
Genre - Children 10+ Fiction

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  1. this one sounds great, I have added it to the wishlist!