Friday, 30 March 2012

The One Dollar Horse by Lauren St John

review by Maryom
Casey Blue lives for the time she can spend at her local riding school and has one dream in life - to win at Badminton Horse Trials. Living in a grim London tower block, there isn't really any hope of her dream coming true until the day she saves a beaten up, starving horse from the knackers' yard by buying him with a dollar bill she finds in the street. With the help of her elderly friend, Mrs Smith, a former dressage rider, she nurses Storm Warning back to health and trains him for the rigorous sport of 3-day eventing. Not everyone is helpful to a novice eventer though - there are plenty of bitchy, snobby girls and dubious characters from Casey's dad's criminal past all ready and willing to stand in the way of Casey's dream.
The One Dollar Horse is a story for every young horse-lover. To take a worn-out wreck of a horse, see that special something in him that others don't and realise your dreams is like a fairy-tale come true! Casey is still a hard-working heroine despite her lucky breaks, determined to rise above her circumstances and reach for her goal.
The author really captures the atmosphere of both stable yard and eventing and makes the reader feel that they are alongside Casey as she competes, particularly at the Badminton cross country event.
There are of course a numerous amount of lucky chances for Casey and a fairly predictable ending but this is nonetheless an excellent 'horsey' read.
Maryom's review - 4.5 stars
Publisher - Orion

Genre - 12+ Fiction
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