Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Edwin Spencer: Shadow Magic by J D Irwin

Return To Hysteria
Review by The Mole

Edwin receives a visit from Hysteria asking if he will go back and assist a still recovering Auvlin. Amidst assurances that no danger awaits him he decides to return and Perpetua invites herself along again. Only we all know that 'no danger' means 'no story' and so Edwin once again dices with death.

This story is every bit as good as the first Edwin Spencer: Mission Improbable, if not a little better. This time I did guess the key fact and proved to be right - but not at a cost to my enjoyment. It was still great fun with adventure for young confident readers with just enough humour thrown in.

We also see the friendship between Perpetua and Edwin growing stronger although we also witness Edwin out-thinking Perpetua which surprises and hurts Perpetua just a little bit.

I am sure Edwin will return to Hysteria at some point (although probably not on his own!) in the future and I am sure it will continue to delight younger readers.

Publisher - Catnip Publishing
Genre - Children's 8+ fantasy fiction

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