Friday, 19 July 2013

The Book of Dreams by Shirin Adl

Review by The Mole

The pages tell of the many different types of dreams that people have from the very simple dreams to the the more story-like, the plain silly, the aspirational and tries to put them all, even the scary ones, in the context of JUST dreams.

Each page is an explosion of colour with the words clear and fun. Many of the pictures originated as mixed media before becoming book pages and so will also give children ideas on how to make pictures for themselves. Also, as in dreams, many of the characters are not at all realistic but show that art doesn't have to be lifelike to be fun and entertaining.

An extremely nice book for children that can be used for bedtime reading, or perhaps opened to get them back to sleep again after a 'bad' dream or simply to be used to give ideas about how to make their own art.

Publisher - Frances Lincoln
Genre - Children's, picture book, 

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  1. What a gorgeous cover, very appealing! Love the colours.