Friday, 26 July 2013

We Have Lift Off by Sean Taylor

Illustrated by Hannah Shaw

Review by The Mole

Farmer Tanner doesn't care about the pollution he makes and the impact it has on others. A clever pig decides to build an intergalactic space rocket so the animals can escape to a clean start in space somewhere. A few test flights don't go according to plan until an impromptu flight seems to solve all their problems... but what for for everyone else?

This most delightful book has colour in abundance on every page and lots of words to read. It's a sort of crossover from the early reader to the more confident reader and contains a couple of very important environmental messages - anti pollution and recycling.

An excellent book both from the illustrations, which fill every page with colour and humour, and the story, which is simple and silly but so very poignant in it's message.

To read to youngsters, for youngsters to read aloud or for youngsters to read to themselves. Although it could be used as just a picture book it is so much more than that.

Publisher - Frances Lincoln
Genre - Children's, picture book, Early Reader
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