Wednesday, 13 August 2014

No More Kisses For Bernard by Niki Daly

Review by The Mole

With four Aunts young Bernard was tired of getting messy kisses whenever any of them came to call but come his birthday all four came to see him and it really was too much so he donned his helmet and visor and declared "No More Kisses!". If only all of his aunts would have taken "no" for an answer though.

This is rather an interesting book because while it is, undoubtedly, for children with it's brightly coloured busy pictures, snaking words and simple vocabulary it also has a message for adults - and it's an important message - "children need to be respected". The situation in this book is arguably a minor situation and the "crime" not that serious it still gives food for thought to adults who may be sharing the book with a child or reading it to them for bed time reading.

An extremely nice book for sharing or as an early reader.

Publisher - Frances Lincoln
Genre - Picture Book, early reader

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