Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Creaturepedia by Adrienne Barman

Review by The Mole

Evolution has blessed all animals in the animal kingdom with at least one special skill to help them survive. This book, containing 216 pages, features multiple creatures on each page that share a skill and so classifies over 600 different species according to their specialisation.

There are those that are very large, those that are very small, those have long necks, those that are fast, those that are domesticated, those that we still fear plus many more classifications. It also explains how that skill helps the animal survive.

It could so easily be packed with words but instead is packed with simple colour illustrations and short captions to each creature making it quick, easy, entertaining but educating at the same time.

Chosen by the Bookseller as a book of the month it was described as "... well-pitched for younger children..." - and when they keep bringing it for you to "look at this" you may well be educated and fascinated too.

A really beautiful hardback book that will entertain for many hours.

Publisher - Wide Eyed Editions
Genre - Children's picture book

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