Tuesday 14 June 2016

Snow-Man by Tommy Donbavand

Illustrator Steve Beckett

Review by The Mole

Reading for the young reader should be fun and imaginative and in this series of early readers Donbavand gives the young reader exactly what they want - laugh out loud ideas. The colourful and action packed illustrations bring the stories further to life and complement the narrative beautifully.

This kind of story book is an important step along the reading route helping the reader to transition from the very first (and often tedious) first readers, that have little or no story behind them, to proper novels that entertain and thrill.

And... These books feature in one of the giveaways being hosted until the end of June. Find out more on Spooky Sister's blog and A Daydreamer's Thoughts

Although currently battling cancer, Tommy is best known for the Scream Street series of books which are extremely popular with younger readers and his school visits have delighted many children and encouraged them in their reading and writing. School visits by authors have become a very important tool in the development of literacy today and, as an author, when Tommy can't work then his income and ability to support his family is greatly affected so let's try to help a little (please?) at this VERY difficult time. You can read more about Tommy over on the giveaway blogs and you can find reviews of his works by following the blog tour which started at Serendipity Reviews and continues tomorrow at Heather Reviews.

One thing that did surprise us (yes, both of us) was the sheer age range of Tommy's writing - from books like these to books for teenagers such as Dr Who, Vampires, and much, much more. The sheer number of young lives he has touched must be phenomenal.

You can follow Tommy's blog (which is being caretook [caretakered?] by a fellow author and personal friend) here (may I warn you that his recent condition may bring you to tears although he hasn't given up by any means!!) but you can  read about how you can help or donate a little (or a lot)  here.

To finish this supporting tour there will be a Twitter Chat, hosted by Vivienne and Chelley, on 30th June between 8 and 9 PM. All you need to know to join the chat is that it will feature the hashtag "#tommyvcancer" - everyone is welcome to join in.

Publisher - Badger Learning
Genre - Early Reader

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