Monday, 1 August 2016

Curious Arts Festival - round up

by Maryom

I think it fair to say we all loved our weekend at Curious Arts. Sometimes we attended the same events, more often we drifted off our own ways.

One wristband gave entrance to anything and everything, so for the majority of events there was no additional ticketing (a small number of events had limited numbers and so booking was essential, and sometimes there was a small additional cost). Because of this, I felt more inclined to take a chance or two on authors I'd heard of but never read - Andrew Miller, for example - The same applies to Harry Parker, ex-soldier turned author, and his novel about a soldier whose legs are blown off - hearing him speak convinced me this is a novel I should read.

Another advantage was that the audience was able to wander in and out of author events - something which isn't generally allowed, so if one event finishes at say 2pm, and another starts at the same time, you won't be able to see both. Here I was able to leave early or join an event a few minutes in. I think it's a great way to do things. The only down-side is that dashing straight from event A to B leaves no time for buying books or chatting to authors.

Although I mainly split my time between author events during the day, and music at night, the Mole and the Teen were off doing other things - meditation, a panel-style discussion of the morning papers, learning how to be a lazy guru, watching the early evening comedy acts. We saw so much that's it's hard to believe we were only there two days!

We've covered events in greater detail at the links below - most are to other posts here at OurBookReviewsOnline, a couple (as noted) are to other blogs/websites

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