Monday, 22 August 2011

August by Bernard Beckett

Road Traffic Accident....
Review by The Mole

The book starts as the car settles, on its roof, having just left the road late at night. Both occupants are severely injured and, to stop each other falling asleep while they wait to be seen, they each tell their story of how they got to be there. Two stories and two lives entwined around each other but neither knowing of their involvement with the other.

Compelling, Powerful, Engaging - clich├ęs? Yes and overused. But this book is one of those that deserves each of those words.

I have to admit that, as a reader, I found it difficult to reconcile the car they are in with the stories they tell, but it's something that explains itself in the end just don't be an impatient reader like I am.

I would strongly recommend you get your own copy of this book. This is not something I would normally have any feelings on, but I feel that this is a book you will greatly enjoy but enjoy even more the second time of reading. A second reading - knowing the outcome - will leave you understanding the paths their lives follow all the more and you'll probably take a greater enjoyment on the second reading. It's a bit like watching "Sixth Sense" - good first time and even better the second.

Publisher - Quercus
Genre - Young Adults' Fiction

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