Monday, 8 August 2011

Wild Tales By Peter Bently

The Wild Tales series are books with original stories specially written for pre-schoolers. They are a series of books that incorporate bold colouring and non-uniform text and appropriate language with real life photos of the characters involved. The books are aimed at being educational and have notes in the back for parents and teachers.

Twin Trouble

A story about a pair of bear cubs who play close to water and learn the important lesson  that playing near water is dangerous.

The text is very cleverly placed as the text tumbles down the page as the bears tumble to the water and there is much on each page to share with a child. I am afraid that the real life pictures didn't "do it" for me as I couldn't properly tell who was who in the story and could imagine difficulties with a young child wanting to know. Having said that, this book illustrates a very important lesson and does it very well.

Look Out, Cub!

A young lion cub wants to play and explore but sadly no-one else does so he decides to go off on his own.

Once again real life photos are used of all members of the family and the lesson being taught in this book is for pre-schoolers not to go wandering off without an adult that is known to their parents. Once again the text is laid out to show the pouncing, the tree climbing, the tall tree and the cry for help.

These are just two of the books in the series with each aiming to illustrate another important lesson.

Publisher: QED Publishing
Genre: Pre-School Educational

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