Monday, 15 August 2011

Fallen Angel by Maggie Wilson

A misleading cover?
Review by The Mole

I feel that the cover on this book will have people expecting the wrong genre. Given the plethora of paranormal fantasies where Angels abound along with blood and heart beats, it would be easy to see this book and not pick it up if that's not what you want. This book actually belongs firmly in crime fiction.

There are a series of unexpected deaths on ward 73 of Westwood General Hospital and DS Charlie Hammond is sent to investigate. The ward staff are thrown into confusion and cannot believe that the deaths are deliberate. It is not as though the deaths are known to be murder or drug error. Sister Carter see's her world crumbling as time passes and expects it will end the superiority she has worked so hard to gain. But despite the police presence on the ward more deaths ensue. What is happening? Who, if anyone, is responsible? Can life ever return to normal for ward 73?

I found this book quite engaging and enjoyable, although I felt the editing process has let it down a little. The story could be a great deal better for a little better editing. Having said that at times the book cannot be put down as we see an 'accident' about to unfold. I felt the tension and power and there was not one wasted word, although I really had hoped for a different outcome - but that is Maggie's privilege as the author and perhaps it's why I don't write stories.

As crime fiction I am sure it will have a lot of appeal to readers - if they can get past the front cover.

Publisher - H and E Publishers
Genre - Crime Fiction

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