Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hartslove by KM Grant

"The Treasure Seekers" with Attitude
review by Maryom

Charles de Granville has squandered his fortune on drink and a series of race-horses - each of which he mistakenly hopes to turn into the next Derby winner. The only recourse open to him is to sell the family home, Hartslove Castle, much to the dismay of his six children. Their attempts at haunting keep any interested buyers at bay but a huge amount of cash is needed to pay off all their father's debts. Only one of the family, Daisy, believes that the latest horse may actually be The One to fulfil their dreams, win the Derby and secure the family's future.

Set in 1861, Hartslove, is a sort of Treasure Seekers with attitude. Like the Bastable family, Daisy and her siblings are in search of a fortune but this is a grittier, less fairytale-like world. Daisy shows amazing determination as she battles every day with her disability resulting from a riding accident. Her brother Garth discovers the prop of brandy to help him overcome his terror at riding a horse and finds himself on the slippery slope towards his father's drink-dependency.
A wonderful adventure story for 9+ readers with a taste for horses, ruinous castles and plucky, determined heroes.

Maryom's review - 5 stars
Publisher - Quercus Books

Genre - 9+, fiction, historical

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