Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella

How Did She End Up Like This???
review by Maryom

Lexi is down on her luck - no bonus from work, stood up by her boyfriend and her father's funeral in the morning. To drown her sorrows she goes out with her best friends, trips while running for a taxi ....... and wakes up in hospital to a changed world - she's older, richer, been promoted, married, she's even had her teeth straightened! The down-side is, she's no longer the cheerful friendly person she was but has turned into a bitch-boss from hell. The intervening years are a blank, so how did she get this way and can she rediscover the old Lexi?

This isn't a new book but something I came across in a box of books we picked up through Freecycle and has been sitting in a to be read pile for far too long. The Shopaholic novels from Sophie Kinsella have to be my favourite laugh out loud chick lit series and I think even from the same author they take some living up to. Having said that, I think this is one of Sophie Kinsella's better non-Shopaholic stories. I picked Remember Me up off the shelf after a run of tense thrillers and heart churning rollercoasters when I was feeling in need of something light and amusing - and it fitted the bill precisely. It's fun and enjoyable and sometimes that's what you're looking for.

Maryom's review - 4 stars
Publisher - Black Swan
Genre - chick lit

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