Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dogs Are Daft by Dave Maclean

Cat's - but not as you know them!
Review by Maryom

"Dogs are daft, but they can bite" is one of the 13 keys to leading a good life - if you're a cat.
Dylan the kitten has a happy life with his grandfather and his man, until the old cat dies and Dylan is thrown out on the street. He meets up with new cats who welcome him into their group and life improves again until 'bullies' appear on the scene, intent on having their own way.

A tale of life from the cat's point of view which had me laughing out loud at times - I'm just not sure that its target age reader would find the same things funny. (Though I'm not sure if anybody, adult or child, shares my sense of humour - my family don't!) The cats are all very 'humanised' - they play football, bake cakes, dance to old Max Bygraves records or head-bang to Deep Purple, rather than chase mice and birds.

Part of my reason for accepting this book for review was that I felt it would fit into our anti-bullying week - unfortunately, after reading, I didn't really feel it did. The gang of 'bullies' are more like an army invading and the reaction of Dylan's friends is to 'gear up' and fight back.

Publisher - Nightingale Books
Genre - Children's 9+

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