Tuesday 29 November 2011

Angel Fire by L A Weatherly

Another Angelic Read
review by Maryom

Following the dramatic events that ended Angel, Willow and Alex are now on the run, heading south to Mexico where they hope to train a team of Angel Killers and find a way to rid the world of their menace. What neither of them realise is that another half-angel, Seb, is out there - and looking for Willow. When she sees him in a dream Willow feels unaccountably drawn to him. How will boyfriend Alex react to this newcomer? Will there still be a place in Willow's life for a mere mortal? While they struggle with their feelings, Alex and Willow have to focus on the task in hand - to move closer to eliminating Angels forever.

I must admit I was a little daunted when Angel Fire arrived and I saw its 700+ pages but once I'd started reading, I didn't want to stop and finished it in 2-3 days! I even found this more gripping than the first story, Angel, where there was a lot of scene setting and background to fill in. This time Willow and Alex are plunged straight into action with barely time to draw breath before the end of the book, certainly no time for the private moments they're both looking for.
The characters seem more fleshed out this time - the Angels are less 2D bad guys and more individual, more manipulative and devious; the band of Angel Killers are real young people trying to work through their own personal problems while taking on an evil world- dominating force and not at all comfortable about the presence of half-angels in their midst. The main focus though is the lovers' triangle of Willow, Alex and Seb. A hair cut and some dye over a motel bathroom sink, and Willow emerges as a more confident, independent heroine. Alex, on the other hand, lost a lot of my sympathy with his macho attitude towards her.

Angel Fire is an absorbing, nail biting read with the two threads of fighting Angels and the love triangle fitting neatly together to pull the reader along to a cataclysmic ending.

Maryom's review - 5 stars
Publisher - Usborne
Genre - teenage/YA, paranormal

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