Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Goblin and The Girl - Blog Tour

Neil Irani - Author

For today's stop on the blog tour we asked Neil for something about his writing and thinking behind The Goblin and the Girl, which we have already reviewed.

The Goblin and the Girl is about a girl who lacks confidence. This is new writing territory for me as I've always written more in general for boys as I am used to running my ideas past my son and his friends!

I find that most books in the book shops/online are very high on brightness, sometimes good at humour, and generally quite lacking in getting a useful message across to the child to whom the book is being read.

I try to write stories with messages, hopefully The Goblin and the Girl will do this.

Finding the right illustrator for this was difficult. After trying various agencies who'd I'd previously met at the Bologna International Children's Book Fair, I switched to Google and found a number of excellent recent graduates who were hungry for good work and full of ideas and feedback themselves.

It's been an exciting journey writing this book.

The follow up is well under way and is called "The Ogre and the Girl" - and is about an external demon rather than an internal one!

Thank you for that Neil, I must  admit to a couple of surprises in there but also feel that the message The Goblin and The Girl carries is a very important one for everyone of us.

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