Thursday, 12 April 2012

Perfect Pies and Tarts by Moyra Fraser

review by Maryom

Perfect Pies and Tarts is one of a number of WI cookery books published by Simon & Schuster and contains over 50 recipes for sweet dessert pies, tarts, flans, traybakes etc etc. Suitable for everyone from the complete novice to the more experienced baker.

There are 8 basic pastry recipes included (or go for the easier option and use bought ready made pastry). I actually rather thought I knew all there was to know but was surprised to discover some new suggestions for pastry - a chocolate hazelnut crust and one incorporating creamed coconut.
The fillings cover, well, almost everything - from the traditional - lemon meringue, Bakewell tart or mince pies - to more unusual -panna cotta fig flans or chocolate and muscatel flan.

There are plenty of mouthwatering photos throughout to tempt you into baking - the difficulty might be deciding which to pick first.

I won this through a 'what's your favourite tart' competition on Twitter but my favourite isn't included. It's not really surprising though as it's a personal twist on Bakewell Pudding with (homemade) sloe and apple butter covered by a frangipane topping.

My only criticism is that there are no 'food values' given for the recipes - calorie count, amount of fat, fibre, salt etc. In a household where we have to be careful with fat intake, this kind of information is essential and I think all recipes should include it.

Maryom's review - 4.5 stars
Publisher - Simon & Schuster
Genre - non-fiction, cookery, WI

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