Friday, 6 April 2012

Red Bull Racing F1 Car 2010 (RB6) Owner's Workshop Manual

Review by The Mole

Well, this must count as unusual non-fiction as I don't ACTUALLY own such a car and I don't suppose many readers of it will. Did I say 'many'? - I think I meant 'any'.

Unlike the "U.S.S. Enterprise Manual (Haynes Owners Workshop Manual)" which must be taken as fiction (By the way, that's on my WANT, WANT, WANT! list) this one is aimed at explaining some of the car principles, the race rules and some of the awesome numbers around which this sport rotates.

 OK this sport isn't 'green' - so accept my apologies for the gratuitous inclusion of this book, but I have always held the engineers that design these cars in some awe. Consistently the governing body brings in rule changes to slow cars down and make the sport a little greener (they really are trying to improve the image of the sport) but these engineers think laterally to try to come up with ways within the rules of making them fast again. This book shows how, over recent years, Red Bull engineers have achieved dominance in the sport by such thinking. This book will not get you a job in the pit lane with RBR and it won't help you strip and rebuild one of these cars, but you will get an insight into how the engineers think about getting the most from the rules.

For true fans of innovative thinking this book is a fantastic find - particularly when found in a pile of birthday presents!

Publisher: J H Haynes & Co Ltd
Genre: Non-Fiction, Awesome reading

Buy Red Bull Racing F1 Car Manual: An Insight into the Technology, Engineering, Maintenance and Operation of the World Championship-winning Red Bull Racing RB6 (Owner's Workshop Manual) from Amazon

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  1. I couldn't possibly buy this book given that Red Bull are the opposition! However, if there's a McLaren one then it'll be on my shopping list :)