Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Inquisitor by Mark Allen Smith

Sometimes the truth can be torture.
Review by The Mole

Geiger is one of those heroes that you shouldn't like but somehow you do.He has no friends and no emotions and no history. He feels no pain and works like a machine, a machine that uses torture to gain the truth for his clients. He works freelance and clients only come to him through referrals and those referrals are mainly through organised crime. His only acquaintances are Harry his business partner/research assistant and Corley his psychiatrist. Geiger has few rules but one is that he won't work on children and when a client turns up with a child then Geiger's world is about to change forever.

Gripping, fast paced, exciting, edge-of-the seat.. it's all there and I loved it! Some of the violence is pretty graphic but necessary - not in any way gratuitous. I sort of liked Geiger from about page 10 (it's difficult to like a torturer who's good at his work) and ended up rooting for him at the end as I grew to like him more and more and I'm sure you will too. There is one technical issue that authors tend to get wrong and I'm afraid Smith did too and being a technical kind of guy I find that annoys. But having said that, he didn't get it as wrong as I've seen some TV programs get it! Putting that to one side it was a great read and one that had me going back for more.

Thriller readers will love this book I'm sure.

Publisher - Simon and Schuster
Genre - Adult Thriller

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