Tuesday 10 April 2012

The Lollipop Shoes by Joanne Harris

review by Maryom

The sequel to Chocolat finds Vianne Rocher in hiding - well almost. With her two daughters, Annie and Rosette, she's seeking anonymity in the crowded streets of Paris, trying to live a dull, drab, unnoticeable as possible life - all a far cry from the days of the chocolaterie in Lansquenet. Until, that is, the day the wind blows Zozie de l'Alba into their lives. Zozie with her lollipop shoes and brightly coloured clothes is everything Vianne used to be - but is she really the good friend she purports to be, or are her motives more sinister?

The Lollipop Shoes is another lovely magical tale from Joanne Harris and although carrying on from Chocolat it isn't merely more of the same. The setting has changed - and so has Vianne. Older, wiser and with another child to look after, she's now happy to settle for a comfortable, 'normal' life with steady dependable Thierry. Zozie's arrival stirs up many hopes and dreams which have been hiding beneath the dull façade. The Lollipop Shoes is darker than its predecessor. Zozie is a wonderful two-faced villain, insinuating herself into the family and all too tempting and plausible despite her evil intentions

Chocolat was a novel that I absolutely adored and a very hard act to follow. I wasn't quite sure how much I'd enjoy this sequel - but I did, immensely! I'm now looking forward to a further 'Vianne Rocher' story - Peaches For Monsieur le Curé ( you can read more about this on Joanne Harris' website)

Maryom's review - 5 stars
Publisher - Random House
Genre - adult fiction

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