Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Long Weekend by Savita Kalhan

A VERY long weekend!
Review by The Mole

Sam and Lloyd are offered a lift home in the rain by a totally convincing driver but find themselves locked in a mansion and terrified for their lives.

You must have encountered the way that when someone tells you about a book and then you read it for yourself, you wonder which of you has misunderstood the plot? Well Maryom told me about The Long Weekend because she THOROUGHLY enjoyed it and when I read it I encountered a different book. A WOW book. But different. This book starts with a very worrying scenario when the boys are offered a ride home in the rain in a 'limo'. I wonder, despite parental warnings since before they could walk, how many boys and girls would see no danger in a 'limo' and accept the ride? And that is a terrifying point for parents because the author has created a totally plausible scenario to open the story with.

But the story then develops into a fantastic thriller and action adventure that sees Sam being daring, ingenious, brave and very much the 11 year old under stress that he is. But there is another thread to the plot that is fantastically woven in - it's a story of friendship and loyalty that sees Sam risking his own freedom to try to help Lloyd.

The story does tell the story of a long weekend - one that hasn't ended even 6 years later for either of them - and a weekend that may never end for them.

A truly fantastic story that is gripping, enthralling, exciting, entertaining and many more 'ings' as well.

This tale will be loved by the 9+ readers, particularly boys but girls as well, and there is nothing in there that is inappropriate and may actually underline the threat that the most innocuous of offers may contain.

Wow, brilliant, fabulous.

Maryom's review

Publisher - Andersen Press
Genre - Children's (9+),Thriller

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