Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Last Good Man by A J Kazinski

 Review by The Mole

Tommaso Di Barbera has noticed a trend that people all over the world are dying and tattoos are appearing on their backs. He alerts Interpol and Niels Bentzon is brought in to follow up the Danish side of the Interpol alert. When Niels talks to Hannah Lund, trying to find possible victims, he sparks her genius intellect and she discovers the 'why' of it all and predicts when and where the next two victims will die. But can they be protected and saved? Is this whole affair being played by players too big to be messed with?

Another Scandinavian book translated for the international market and it's easy to see why it has become a best seller.

I have read a few stories now that hinge around puzzles of one sort or another... The Da Vinci Code, Maranatha, The Altar of Bones, Sanctus - and I have liked each of them (although not so much The Da Vinci Code). These books must take a great deal of research and I often wonder at the boundaries of legends and actual fiction. (I also Google a lot to try to answer this as I'm sure a lot of readers must.)

The characters are real to me from the manic genius of Lund, the good and almost faultless Bentzon, the depressive Di Barbera, their bosses (who I suspect I've worked with!) and Karen the loving yet frustrated wife. I did feel that the very last page left me wondering.. Could Kazinski really  leave me not knowing what would happen next? I find the way some authors do that almost unacceptable!

However I found this to be another fantastic book that is an absolute must for readers of thrillers, with just a small section of a lot of blood and gore and tension right down the line to the end.

I enjoyed this book a lot - except for the last page! Having said that.... Wikipedia says.... it is to be part of a trilogy and I'm deadly curious as to where the story - apart from the one hanging question - can go from here!  Watch this space??

Publisher - Simon and Schuster
Genre - Adult Thriller

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