Monday, 21 May 2012

Digging In The Dark by Hilda Offen

Sometimes Friends are needed
Review by The Mole

Josh's cousin, Malcolm, is dropped off unexpectedly by his parents who disappear without an explanation. Heavily into history and extremely unsociable, Malcolm then proceeds to dig holes everywhere until he declares that he has found a Roman villa. As Josh tries to help Malcolm be accepted by the children of the neighbourhood and Malcolm seems to work to not be accepted, we are witness to a great deal of funny moments but that doesn't change the fact that the story is mainly a light hearted adventure for early readers when Malcolm goes missing. The reason Malcolm has ended up at Josh's becomes apparent and is of great embarrassment to Malcolm. Izzie, Josh's sister, ensures the whole school knows about it and makes Malcolm's life a misery.

At only 112 pages this book will be a quick read for children looking for a light hearted adventure and with plenty of pictures throughout, this book is sure to be enjoyed by children 7+. It has plenty of examples of good behaviour from Josh and he would make an excellent role model as he shows friendship and loyalty to Malcolm. Malcolm however, doesn't appreciate Josh's kindness even when Josh manages to save the day! But Josh will have you laughing at his antics!

Publisher - Catnip Publishing
Genre - Children's 7+ fiction

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